History of Excellence

Background of the Company

Deshika Embroidery Solutions (PVT) Limited is engaged in the garments embroidery trade commenced business activities on 8th March, 1997 under the name and style of Deshika Embroidery Services (PVT) Limited.

With the introduction of many techniques under the garments embroidery the business activities of the company expanded and as a result in the year 2008 the name of the company was changed to Deshika Embroidery Solutions (PVT) Limited.

On 9th September, 2009 the company was able to obtain the approval from the Board of Investments of Sri Lanka as a registered BOI approved company.

Road to the Success

Deshika Embroidery Services is a privately held Sri-Lankan Company that was established in 1997 and was renamed Deshika Embroidery Solutions, with its registered office located at No. 71 B, De Mel Road, Laxapathiya, Moratuwa.

The Board of Directors is led by Mr. Justin Perera, who also acts as the Company Chairman. The Company has also obtained Board of Investment (BOI) approval to run its operations in Sri-Lanka.

Justin began life in the business world as an enterprising furniture manufacturer and has had many projects to his credit including woodwork related contracts at star classed hotels in Sri-Lanka. In 1997, Justin ventured into the apparel embroidery business with just one machine.

His dedication and vision for this new venture began paying rich dividends only a few years after operations began.

Justin plowed back all of his initial profits into Deshika and with each passing year, acquired the latest possible machinery in the embroidery trade. The building of the facilities continued over a number of years and has now been fully completed.

Deshika currently employees a total work force of approximately one hundred and forty who are responsible for the various functions of the plant. Many of them have been employed since the inception of the Company. The skill levels of the operators at the plant have also appreciated tremendously over the years. Regular training to keep abreast of the latest techniques in the trade is a key feature of employment at Deshika.

Deshika operates its facility on a shift basis throughout the day so that there is little interruption to product delivery schedules. The current installed capacity at the plant is approximately one hundred and fifty thousand pieces per week. Deshika is now well established as a nominated supplier for Victoria’s Secret, Pink, Disney and Nike. In addition to this growing brand portfolio, Deshika also services many other less well known brands and has the flexibility to perform small production runs as well and is a favored supplier to corporate entities in Sri-Lanka producing small runs of embroidered items such as shirts and caps.

Justin and his key staff also make it a point to tour all major apparel and machine related exhibitions overseas to keep at the cutting edge of new developments in the field.

Decoration at needlepoint

Deshika Embroidery Services took the initial steps of its journey in creating intricate embroidery back in 1997. We dedicated our investments to acquire many skills and techniques for the purpose of decorating fabrics in order to present finest of art forms through embroidery.

The greatest treasure in our trove is the avid attention we pay for the quality of our products. This is realized in the highest possible level in order to guarantee that they are not only valuable but also priceless. Our investments in quality assurance systems ensure the fact that the quality at Deshika Embroidery Services is not just an act, but a recurring habit.

The quality that we maintain in our processes and every facet of the business is a reflection of honor, passion, and dedication that we bestow upon the art of embroidery. Our love towards adoration of fabric through vivid and gorgeous forms of embroidery has led us to challenge ourselves by following the rigorous rules of international standards.

New Ventures

We have already planned to commence panel & garment form printing and for this purpose we have imported digital printing machines which will be introduced by us to Sri Lanka for the first time and hoping to start operations in early -December, 2014.

Our Capabilities

We are fully equipped and well geared in handling any type of work by using the above mentioned machines.

Specilized Areas of the Company

  • Thread Embroidery
  • Sequence Attaching
  • Chenille Embroidery
  • Bridge Tape Laser Cutting
  • Heat Seal Sequence motif making and attaching (for sequence without holes)
  • Stain Motif Making and Attaching.
  • Applique
  • Laser Cutting
  • Heat Seal Sequence Motif
  • Fabric Bonding
  • Engraving

Special Recognitions Received by the Company

Details of Machinery Available

06 Nos machines (72 heads)

06 Nos machines (72 heads) facilitate to attach sequence, chenille embroidery, taping, laser cutting and engraving. - (01 Italian made bridge tape laser cutting machine and the rest Korean origin)

SWF Korean made machines

19 Nos SWF Korean made machines facilitates 09 thread colors and 04 sequence colors.

  • 06 machines with 15 heads
  • 06 machines with 12 heads
  • 02 machines with 18 heads
  • 04 machines with 06 heads
  • 01 machine with 04 heads
Japanese made Tajima normal embroidery machines

20 heads with 03 colors (fabric form embroidery) cording, sequence attaching, thermo cutting and boring, shuttle tape Shipley embroidery.

Italian made “Meca” branded fabric form embroidery machine

01 Italian made “Meca” branded fabric form embroidery machine with taping, shenell, chane stich, quilting .

  • 03 machines with 12 heads
  • 01 machine with 15 heads
Korean made sequence motif machine

02 Nos Korean made sequence motif machine.

  • 01 machine with 02 heads and 01 machine with 06 heads
Korean made rhinestone motif machine

01 No Korean made rhinestone motif machine with 04 heads

Chines made applique laser machines

05 Nos Chines made applique laser machines with 02 heads

Laser Bridge machines

02 Nos Laser Bridge machines coupled with 06 Nos Chenille Embroidery machines

Korean made bonding pressing machines

08 Nos Korean made bonding pressing machines

Korean made sequence without-hole motif making machine

01 No. Korean made sequence without-hole motif making machine.

Some of Our Valuable Clients

We have the privilege of working with some of companies